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Polyken Pipe Butyl Rubber Wrap Tape

Polyken Pipe Butyl Rubber Wrap Tape

If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier polyken pipe butyl rubber wrap tape, good quality and high quality polyken pipe butyl rubber wrap tape, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd. System Description The polyken pipe butyl...


If you are looking for China golden supplier and China good supplier polyken pipe butyl rubber wrap tape, good quality and high quality polyken pipe butyl rubber wrap tape, please feel free to contact Jining Qiangke Pipe Anticorrosion Materials Co.,Ltd.

System Description

The polyken pipe butyl rubber wrap tape It is extensively used in the pipework of oil and natural gas transportation, petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban natural gas network of pipes, the outside anticorrosion project of the metal pipes involved as well as the outside anticorrosion project of the underground and overhead metallic conduit of the works of petrochemical industry, natural gas and coal transportation.

The Anti-Corrosion layer POLYKEN 980 is engineered to assure a high bond to the primed surface with excellent conformability characteristics. The mechanical protection layer POLYKEN 955,achieves a complete bond to the POLYKEN 980 inner layer, providing maximum handling and in-service protection for the coating system. The adhesives in these and all POLYKEN tape systems contain proven anti-microbial additives.The POLYKEN 980/955 can also be used for ductile iron pipes, in this case the use of 1027 primer is recommended.

Butyl waterproof tape is a lifelong, non-adhesive stickers waterproof sealing tape, is made of butyl rubber, the main raw material, supplemented by other additives. The surface of a variety of building materials have a strong adhesion. Excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and excellent water resistance. The adhesion of the surface is sealed, shock absorption, protection and other functions. Because it does not contain solvents, so it does not shrink, will not discharge toxic gases, construction convenience, is an excellent sealing material.

Features 1) to maintain a permanent flexibility, adhesion, can withstand a certain displacement, deformation and good follow-up. 2) excellent waterproof sealing and chemical resistance, anti-ultraviolet (sunshine) capacity; more than 20 years of service life. 3) easy to use, the amount of accurate, reduce waste, cost-effective. 4) no solvent, safe and environmentally friendly.

The main purpose of the 1 is to overlap between the steel roof steel plate and the steel plate and fall into the drain seal. 2 doors and windows, concrete roof, ventilation pipe seal waterproof. 3) pc board, durable board installation. 4 car doors and windows waterproof film paste, sealed seismic.

1) According to the construction method of the groove or color steel plate, according to the engineering design requirements, choose the appropriate waterproof tape size; 2) the water, oil, dirt and other impurities completely remove the surface of the color paste to keep the surface clean; 3) from the end of the color steel plate, double-sided tape along the joint line will be the adhesive tape on the board, and then from the light to the weight of the tape, and the color plate bonded firmly; 4) tear tape upper paper, The upper plate is pressed into the color combination of the interface, and the joint is firmly sealed after pressing the pressure in the sequential joint.

Main technical indicators of the project unit Basic detection value of single component Butyl rubber Heat resistance 90 ℃, 2h Free flow flexibility at low temperature -40 ℃ No crack baseball 13.5 Elongation of% 420% 75 g / m2 20h68 c Good Moisture permeability, density g / cm31.35 + 0.05 peel strength aluminum plate n / cm3.9 color steel plate / cm35.5 cement mortar board n / cm38.6 copper n / cm34.1 glass plate n / cm37.3 Note: 1 ) In addition to 24hr0 anti-aging temperature flexibility, the other performance test conditions than 23 ℃. 2) product life of more than 20 years, anti-u. $ Modeltype hours for one year. 5, packaging carton packaging, according to customer requirements packaging

Color black, gray, white or other colors 7 According to user requirements, storage and validity should be stored in a cool dry place below 27 degrees Celsius, since the date of production, the storage period of December

Note 1) Before use, remove water, oil, dust and other dirt from the surface of the steel plate. 2) Tape should be stored in a cool dry place, to avoid heat, direct drying or rain. 3) The product is self-adhesive material, once the paste in place to achieve the best waterproof effect.


-Resistant to soil stress

- Excellent adhesion to pipe and self

-Low cathodic protection

-Long-term in-ground performance

- Serve for low-high temperatures

- Cold applied

-Uniform coating thickness

-Compatible with all pipe diameters and generic plant

coating systems

-Qualified ASTM D1000,AWWA C 214,EN 12068 standards


Backing :  Special blend of stabilized polyethylene

Adhesive : Butyl rubber and Adhesion Promoting Resins

Color: Black


Product Properties

Test method

                               Typical Value





Total Thickness





Backing of PE film

9 mils(0.229 mm)




Butyl Rubber Adhesive

6 mils(0.152 mm)




Tensile Strength

ASTM D1000

40 N/cm

55 N/cm

62 N/cm

70 N/cm


ASTM D1000





Peel Adhesion to Primed Steel

ASTM D1000

24.5 N/cm

25 N/cm

26.5 N/cm

30 N/cm

Water Vapor Transmission Rate






Water absorption after 1 day,At+23℃




0. 08%

0. 06%

Volume Resistivity

ASTM D 257

2.0 x 1015 ohm.cm

2.5 x 1015 ohm.cm

2.5 x 1015 ohm.cm

2.5 x 1015 ohm.cm

Dielectric Strength


30 kV

35 kV



Ordering Information

POLYKEN 980 and 955 tape coatings are in roll form.

Eg.: POLYKEN980-20  BLK  6"×400'


Product Model No.

Standard ordering options


Total tape thickness in mils



Tape backing color

Black (BLK)


Tape width in inches

2"(50mm),,4"(100mm),6"(150mm),9"(228mm),12"(305mm)18" (457mm)


Tape roll length in feet


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