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Aluminium Flashing Tape

Aluminium Flashing Tape

DESCRIPTION Aluminium Flashing Tape cold applied self adhesive aluminium backed flashing in roll form. The product, safe and clean, performs well in insulation, anticorrosion, mechanical strength and anticollision, moreover it is of low water absorption, long service life, wide usage and...



Aluminium Flashing Tape cold applied self adhesive aluminium backed flashing in roll form.

The product, safe and clean, performs well in insulation, anticorrosion, mechanical strength and anticollision, moreover it is of low water absorption, long service life, wide usage and convenient in application. It is extensively used in the pipework of oil and natural gas transportation, petrochemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban natural gas network of pipes, the outside anticorrosion project of the metal pipes involved as well as the outside anticorrosion project of the underground and overhead metallic conduit of the works of petrochemical industry, natural gas and coal transportation.


_Window and door openings (headers, sills,jambs, thresholds, nailing flanges)

_Deck-to-wall intersections

_Corner boards

_Wall-to-wall tie-ins

_Foundation sill plates

_Sheathing panel seams

_Under stucco finishes

_Car’s insulation

_Roof detail areas


_Mobile home repair

_Other building joints.

_Exposed pipelines protection.


Backing: Aluminum or PE coated Aluminum or Woven aluminum

Adhesive: butyl rubber or butyl bituminous or bitumen

Release Liner: Anti-adhesive PE Film Treated with Silicone.


-Easy application-- Installationis fast and easy—simply remove the release film and press onto the substrate.

-Superior adhesion capabilities-- Creates a strong bond to the substrate for long-lasting waterproofing


-Excellent sealing performance-- The specially formulated rubberized asphalt adhesive seals around fasteners, allowing no water to penetrate and get to the substrate.

-Highly conformable and flexible-- Can accommodate settlement and shrinkage movement.

-Long-lasting waterproofing protection-- Create a water and moisture barrier that does not degrade from the effects of the environment.

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