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Wrap Tape Is Made Of BOPP Film And Glue
Oct 11, 2017

Packaging tape, is made of BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) film and glue, divided into transparent packaging tape, color packaging tape, printing packaging tape three categories. Packaging tape is in the BOPP original film on the basis of high-pressure corona after a rough surface coated with glue after the sub-divided into small rolls is our daily use of the tape. Tape glue is acrylic glue, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main component is tincture.

Why can packaging tape sticky things? Of course, because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface of the relationship! The earliest adhesives from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, rubber is the main component of adhesives; and modern is widely used in a variety of polymers. Adhesives can stick things, because of their own molecules and want to connect objects between the molecules to form a bond, this bond can be firmly bonded together molecules. Adhesive ingredients, depending on the brand, different types, have a variety of different polymers.

Packaging tape material:

1. The backing of the film is mainly opp, pvc, pet, pe and so on

2. Adhesive (adhesive) The main material is natural (synthetic) rubber, and Acrylic.

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