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Wrap Tape Factory Teach Us How To Choose Tape
Sep 30, 2017

Wrap Tape Factory teach us how to choose tape

Wrap Tape Factory of the types of tape there are many kinds of adhesive agents also have a variety of surface, so various brands of adhesive tape performance and strength of different, so in the procurement of tape when the need to consider the following factors:

Adhesive Tape Surface adhesion agent:

Tape in the Wrap Tape factory production in the bottom of the adhesive coating, usually to fully dry after finishing in the volume, if the adhesive tape is too humid, it will be very tight adhesion, use is difficult to open, some simply can not be used.

The microporous nature of the desired adhesive:

As the adhesive tape of the Wrap Tape factory occurs, it is in the adhesive tape on the surface of the moisture in the sticky adhesive tape after the infiltration of the adhesive in the rapid drying and adhesive tape become a part of the sticky material, therefore, the micro-pore of the adhesive surface is very important for the selection of the adhesive tape, and if the Microporous property of the device is more hygroscopic, It is necessary to use adhesive tape quickly condensed, in contrast to the tape with slow condensation speed or contain more adhesive tape.

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