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Wrap Tape Buying Requires Caution
Oct 26, 2017

Why can packaging tape sticky things? Of course, because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface of the relationship! The earliest adhesives from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, rubber is the main component of adhesives; and modern is widely used in a variety of polymers. Adhesives can stick things, because of their own molecules and want to connect objects between the molecules to form a bond, this bond can be firmly bonded together molecules. Adhesive ingredients, depending on the brand, different types, have a variety of different polymers.

With the new type of environmentally friendly lightweight packaging with the world, with its beautiful and durable, recyclable, low cost, in the gradual replacement of the market there are a variety of sandwich packaging, renewable materials and so on. Also, in the purchase of a variety of packaging with the time, need to pay attention: the product is too low price is not credible, all the raw materials are up, so you still need to be careful when buying.

Look for manufacturers: the purchase should see the product packaging unit name, address and certificate, such as a quality problem can be found manufacturers claims; do not buy a small factory three no product packaging, a problem is difficult to find manufacturers claim.

Product quality is standard: PET plastic steel packaging industry as a new type of packaging industry, there have been some environmental concerns, the country did not have the corresponding product standards, some poor quality, low tensile strength of the product impact on the market, especially Some of the technical production capacity of small factories, the production of low tensile strength products, packaging quality, production process is simple, poor raw materials, and no quality testing capabilities, some factories with 3.5kg of paper core, net weight per ton only 700 Kg, this product with its low price impact on the market. The price is low because of its product weight is insufficient, in fact, the actual price is not low, and its product tensile strength is low, some products tensile strength of only 50% of the standard product strength.

In the purchase of packaging with the time, do not seek cheap. Pure polypropylene production of the packaging with a transparent state that is our bridge Xingda packaging innovation and development of a new transparent light packaging belt, this series of packaging with beautiful appearance, breaking tension can generally reach 80kg or so, can also be customized according to demand, the maximum tension can be To about 170kg, because of its thinner tape, so the same length of the length of the longer, more customers save the cost of packaging it!


The current market sealing tape chaos, in order to benefit the false length and thickness of the material are different, we polish eyes choose high-quality suppliers. Sealing tape if the sticky is not good to achieve the standard thickness, sealing easy to burst open, pull is not good, heavy cargo explosion in the middle of the impact of product safety increase business costs.

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