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What Is A Wrap Tape?
Jul 28, 2017

  What is a Wrap Tape?

  Sealing tape material is BOPP (biaxially stretched polypropylene) film and glue, is any enterprise, company, personal life indispensable supplies, the state of the tape industry has not yet a perfect standard, only one industry standard "QB / T2422 -1998 sealed with BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape ".

  Wrap Tape production methods:

  Wrap Tape is in the BOPP original film on the basis of high-pressure corona after a rough surface coated with glue after the sub-divided into small rolls is our daily use of the tape. Tape glue is acrylic glue, also known as pressure-sensitive adhesive, the main component is tincture.

  Wrap Tape classification:

  Transparent Wrap Tape, color Wrap Tape, printed packaging printing tape three categories.

  The history of Wrap Tape:

  1928 Transparent Tape Richard Drew, Sao Paulo, Minnesota 19 May 28, 1928, in the United Kingdom and the United States to apply, Drew developed a very light, a pressure of the adhesive, the initial attempt is not enough So that Drew was told: "Take this stuff back to your Scottish boss and let them put some more glue!" Lan "means" stingy "But during the Great Depression, people for this tape Found hundreds of uses, from the clothes to protect the broken eggs.

  The principle of Wrap Tape:

  Why can Wrap Tape sticky things? Of course, because it is coated with a layer of adhesive on the surface of the relationship! The earliest adhesives from animals and plants, in the nineteenth century, rubber is the main component of adhesives; and modern is widely used in a variety of polymers. Adhesives can stick things, because of their own molecules and want to connect the material between the molecules to form a bond, this bond can be firmly bonded together molecules. The composition of the adhesive, depending on the brand, different types, have a variety of different polymers.

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