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The Origin Of The Wrap Tape
Jul 28, 2017

  The origin of the Wrap Tape

  In ancient Egypt, some people will be broad beans, barley, milk fat, bone or other similar viscous material coated on linen, used to paste the wound (similar to today's ointment), the source of the Wrap Tape. And then to the nineteenth century, the Americans will be loose resin, plant fillers and other substances added to the rubber, made at room temperature adhesive this cream, that is, the beginning of today's Wrap Tape, and later, to the early twentieth century, the company developed insulation Wrap Tape , The Wrap Tape officially entered the competitive era of the Warring States period, after the Second World War, the prevalence of synthetic rubber, synthetic resin research and development. Now more gradually developed a polymer material, Wrap Tape and then into the era of polymer chemistry.

  First, the plastic part:

  1, glue is a high molecular weight of the material (activity) will be with the temperature, humidity, pressure on the different surface of the phenomenon of deterioration.

  2, glue can be divided into dry and wet two (general version)

  Dry - Adhesive force is inversely proportional / sticky strong (conventional more dry and more non-stick) wet - the initial adhesion is proportional / sticky weak (conventional wet more sticky)

  3, permanent fixed glue: thermosetting hot sol; Wrap Tape for example, the East M series

  4, the type of glue

  * Acrylic glue (ACRYLIC)

  Advantages: easy processing and production, good transparency, Wrap Tape temperature 130 degrees, low prices, good weather resistance, very long service life, good adhesion to steel

  Disadvantages: Compared with RUBBER viscous, Wrap Tape the temperature is more sensitive

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