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The Different Kinds Of Wrap Tape And Color, Etc.
Aug 10, 2017

  The different kinds of Wrap Tape and color, etc.

  Wrap Tape, also known as BOPP tape, packaging tape, and so on, it is Bopp biaxial tensile polypropylene film as the base material, after heating evenly apply pressure sensitive latex liquid, the formation of 8μm----28μm unequal rubber layer, is a light industry enterprises, companies, personal life indispensable supplies, the state of the tape industry has not a perfect standard, only one industry standard "QB/t 2422-1998 box with BOPP pressure-sensitive adhesive tape The Bopp membrane after the high voltage corona treatment, a rough surface, in the glue on the top, first form the mother roll, and then through the machine divided into different specifications of small volumes, is our daily use of tape. Pressure sensitive latex liquid, the main ingredient is butyl ester.

  BOPP Wrap Tape Specification with "wide x-long x thickness", wherein "wide" is the width of the tape, generally with mm or cm, General ≥10mm, as early as the 80 's before, common specifications are: 72mm, 60mm, 50mm, 30mm and so on; Nowadays, it has been gradually changed to: 60mm, 48mm, 45mm, 40mm, 30mm, etc. "long" for the total length of tape, generally with "M" or "code" indicated (1 yards $number. 9144m) , the common length is 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 500m, etc. thickness is the total thickness of Bopp film + Glue layer (unit: micron, μm), commonly used 45~55μm. such as "50mmx100mx50μm"

  Cost per roll of tape calculation method: Tape industry is usually "yuan/square meter" to calculate the price of tape, then "tape price per roll = width (m) * Length (m) * Square Price"

  High-quality and high-performance tape even in extreme weather, its performance is good, suitable for storage of goods in warehouses, container shipments and to prevent the theft of goods, illegal opening and so on. Supply up to 6 colors and different sizes of the form of neutral and personalized Wrap Tape

  Instantaneous adhesive force--The Wrap Tape is the glue.

  Fixed ability--even with very small pressure, you can stick to the workpiece according to your idea.

  Easy to rip--easy to tear off with a roll without tape stretching and dragging.

  Controlled expansion-The Wrap Tape can be pulled off the tape in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.

  Compliance--The Wrap Tape can easily adapt to the curve shape.

  Thin type--the Wrap Tape belt will not leave thick edge buildup.

  Smoothness-the Wrap Tape feels smooth, and it does not irritate the hand when pressed.

  Anti-transfer-the Wrap Tape will not leave the adhesive when removed.

  Anti-solvent-the backing material of the Wrap Tape has the preventing solvent infiltration.

  Anti-fragmentation-Wrap Tape does not appear in lobes.

  Anti-retraction-the Wrap Tape can extend along the surface of the curve without the phenomenon of retraction.

  Anti-stripping-the paint will be tightly fastened to the backing of the Wrap Tape.

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