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Scotch Wrap Tape Induced High Temperature Superconductivity
Nov 03, 2017

Scotch Wrap Tape can also induce high-temperature superconductivity, a problem that one could not think of before, and it has now been confirmed.

According to the Physiologist Network, an international team led by a University of Toronto physicist first used hyaline Wrap Tape to induce high-temperature superconductivity in semiconductors. Scotch Wrap Tape-induced HTS is paving the way for new devices that can be used in quantum computing and energy efficiency.

Scotch Wrap Tape induced high-temperature superconductivity is a physical phenomenon, usually refers to some have higher critical temperature than other superconducting substances in liquid nitrogen environment superconductivity phenomenon. Scotch Wrap Tapes, on the other hand, refer to materials that can conduct electricity at liquid nitrogen temperatures without loss of energy without heating. Scotch Wrap Tapes also generally refer to materials that superconduct at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Scotch Wrap Tape induced high temperature superconductivity is currently used for low-loss transmission and as a basis for next-generation devices such as quantum computers.

How transparent Wrap Tape can produce superconductivity

When people found superconductors in 1911, they were attracted by their peculiar properties of zero-resistance, diamagnetic and quantum tunneling. However, all of the scotch Wrap Tape superconductors that have been found have exhibited superconductivity only at very low temperatures for up to 75 years.

In addition, only certain iron compounds and copper oxides show high-temperature superconducting properties of the Scotch Wrap Tape, but copper oxides have completely different structures and complicated chemical compositions that prevent them from being combined with common semiconductors. Therefore, this Practical applications of compounds are also limited, and exploring the new effects they can generate also becomes even more important.

For example, looking at the proximity effect of a material, that is, the superconductivity in one material can cause other adjacent scotch Wrap Tapes to produce superconductivity as well as normal semiconductors. This is hardly the case since basic quantum mechanics requires near-perfect contact between the two materials.

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