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Quality Control Of Wrap Tape
Aug 10, 2017

  Quality control of Wrap Tape

  Wrap Tape must meet a series of standard tests described by the American Association of Testing and materials. These methods measure the bonding strength of the adhesive's key properties: (Determine how good the tape will stick together) and the bonding strength (which shows how and the binder will adhere to the cloth support). Wrap Tape A common method of evaluating these features involves applying to a tape standard stainless steel plate, and then measuring the required force to tear it out. The board then checks to determine how many, if any, the adhesive residue remains. The adhesive coating itself monitors how the evaluation adheres to support. The condition of the adhesive left residue is called creep, crack, oozing bleeding. The quality control personnel look at the fish eye, used to describe an uneven adhesive application.

  In addition to standard testing, each manufacturer has its own proprietary method of evaluating the product. For example, companies can measure the breakthrough point of Wrap Tape. Others evaluate the "click" Sound of the tape it cools down because consumers believe a noisy tear roller is a symbol of strength. Other tests are used to measure fast rods. One way to do this is to shoot the table tennis balls on the tape to measure how far they are before they stop the tape.

  Despite the excellent adhesion of the adhesive tape, the test was done by independent researchers who found that tape does not work the same as its purpose. 1998, researchers Sherman and other Walker Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory evaluated 12 different types of Wrap Tape. Wrap Tape They designed an accelerated aging test, mimicking the temperature conditions of a home or office building from day to night, winter to summer. They used a series of standard finger joints to connect a smaller pipe, a larger one. To connect each test with different branded tapes, Wrap Tape they evaluate the temperature and humidity conditions of the seal design similar to those found in home heating and air-conditioning systems.

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