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Pipeline Tape Waterproof And Moisture-proof Features
Oct 11, 2017

From the basic concept of pipe tape is made of PE resin by the resin, evenly coated hot melt pressure-sensitive adhesive made of reel-like adhesive tape. Usually the color is pure black, pure green, silver gray, yellow, pure red and so on. Specifications: Wide can be customized, length 25 yards.

From the product characteristics in terms of pipeline tape is easy to tear, strong sticky, good paste service, good weather resistance, waterproof and moisture-proof features such as the characteristics of the special characteristics of the bonding. Because of these distinctive features, it plays a very important role in many areas, what is the pipeline tape? It is suitable for the packaging of heavy objects, can be used for machine dust, moisture, scratches and other protection, can be combined with carpet, telephone line protection, widely used in industry. Can also be used for books, folders reinforcement. . Railroad vehicles, shipbuilding, electromechanical, mechanical, construction, etc., can also be used for heavy packaging, strapping, sealing, repair, binding books, carpet joints merged, mark and color, waterproof packaging, air conditioning pipes, , To protect the surface and so on.

Advantages of Pipeline Tape

1, the successful development of pipeline tape, the reform of the coating tape degumming and anti-corrosion layer of the bubble phenomenon, to avoid the production process of environmental pollution,

2, to ensure the durability of the product and the service life of the coating, greatly improving the product peel strength, mechanical strength and anti-corrosion performance of the coating.

3, pipeline tape not only has excellent anti-corrosion insulation properties, and construction convenience, operation safety and health, comprehensive economic cost is low.

4, pipeline tape products to fill the domestic composite polyethylene anti-corrosion tape production areas of the blank, the quality of products reached the international advanced level.

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