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Pipeline Tape In The Use Of Life
Oct 26, 2017

We did not have enough thanks to the inventor of this very useful piece of tape. Tape can provide a quick solution to anything, everything is in the sun. Although the invention of this tape, sealed ammunition in the case, not long ago it has gone beyond its main application. From the seal crack and the chip repair dentures are binding on the cover of the book, the tape can handle everything in a moment. Our life, because countless uses, it has become an indispensable part. But as a fashion accessories, innovative use of tape is only a recent phenomenon! Yes, you have not heard! Tape is now used to do the array of fashion accessories.

Pipeline tape makes some cool things

The first thing to do is that you should keep in mind that tape accessories can not be considered a designer alternative or other fashion accessories. They may only provide you with a welcome change from the usual accessories. Most of the pipe tape process is simple to produce, only a small amount of supplies. Back in a limited color, such as silver or black tape, however, these days, it can be in every color rainbow. So buy a tape roll in your favorite colors and prepare some ductivities!


How many times have you finished a heel broken or loose shoes? In this case, you can walk barefoot home, or take someone else's shoes off. But if you are equipped with pipe tape and cardboard, you can make your own temporary slippers or sandals. On cardboard and keep it track the size of your feet. Repeat the above steps for the second foot. Cover cardboard cuts, with tape in your favorite colors or in emergency situations, both at your disposal. The sticky sides are in contact with each other with two 9 "strips of tape that are supported with several other equal long strips. This forms the shoes that take your feet off. Folding belt, laid it in cardboard only. Sticky tape more. Your cute temporary tape sandals are ready!

Handbags and wallets

Men's wallet is the easiest thing to do with the tape. Simply make a pattern of tape and a wallet, a number of enhanced wallet. And according to its size, cutting tape. It will make your wallet inside the money to fit warm. You can choose a different color, different car wallet. Choose a neutral color on the outside so that your wallet can go to your clothes. Tape handbag is slightly more difficult than making wallet. Choose a prefabricated pattern and set up your own shopping bag along its line.

So the tape process is a great fun activity. You can also try to get your kids in these handicrafts as they are very simple to make.

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