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Butyl Rubber Tape Through A Special Process To Produce Environmentally Friendly Solvent-free Sealing Adhesive Material
Oct 26, 2017

Butyl Rubber Tape waterproof sealing adhesive tape is made of butyl rubber and polyisobutylene and other major raw materials blended, in accordance with the special production formula, using the latest patented technology, selection of high-quality special polymer materials (import), through a special process Produced by the environment-friendly solvent-free sealing adhesive materials.


(1) excellent mechanical properties: butyl tape bonding strength, high tensile strength, flexibility, excellent elongation, for the interface deformation and cracking adaptability.

(2) stable chemical properties: butyl tape with excellent chemical resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance. In the case of

(3) reliable application performance: butyl tape its cohesiveness, water resistance, sealing, low temperature resistance and follow the good, good size stability.

(4) butyl tape construction process is simple

The scope of application

(1) new construction of the roof waterproof, underground waterproof, structural construction of the waterproofing treatment and polymer waterproofing membrane lap seal.

(2) can also be used for municipal engineering in the subway tunnel structure construction joints sealed waterproofing treatment.

(3) color pressure plate seam at the airtight, waterproof, shock absorption. Sunshine board works in the butyl tape seam at the airtight, waterproof, shock absorption.

(4) Adhesive sealing in automotive assembly

(5) steel structure in the construction of the waterproof seal treatment

(6) composite aluminum foil butyl tape suitable for a variety of civil roofing, color steel, steel, waterproofing membrane, PC board, etc. in the sun under the waterproof seal.


1. Seal fixed protection of various products

2. Protection in production

3. Widely used in metal, plastic, glass, ceramics and other materials, such as structural bonding, such as electronic products, plastic parts fixed, laminated glass.

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