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Butyl Rubber Tape Has Excellent Adhesion
Oct 11, 2017

The use of butyl tape butyl tape is a high-quality butyl rubber as the substrate, self-adhesive type, life is not curing waterproof seal tape, with excellent adhesion, a variety of surfaces have a strong bonding Sex.

Features of butyl tape:

1. Life is not curing self-adhesive waterproof seal tape, the main raw material for butyl rubber.

2. Excellent mechanical properties: bond strength, high tensile strength, good elasticity, good performance, for the interface deformation and cracking adaptability.

3. Stable chemical properties: excellent chemical resistance, weatherability and corrosion resistance.

4. Reliable application performance: its cohesive water resistance, sealing, low temperature resistance and good followability, good size stability.

5. Construction process is simple.

Use of butyl tape Uses:

1, waterproof seal steel roof steel plate, lighting board sun panels overlap with each other, into the water Tiangou insulating glass connection seal.

2, doors and windows, concrete cement roof, ventilation pipe seal waterproof.

3, PC board, and force board installation. Automotive doors and windows waterproof film paste, sealed seismic single-sided tape can be used for roof leakage joints.

4, the car and other parts of the repair of leakage of chemical corrosion, engage in ultraviolet ability, high temperature resistance to low temperature life of more than 20 years without curing, to withstand a certain degree of displacement easy to use, the amount of accurate.

The use of butyl tape specifications Packing:

Regular colors: gray, black, white. Other colors can be customized according to customer requirements.

Conventional size: 3mm × 12mm × 15m, 2mm × 20mm × 20m, 3mm × 30mm × 15m and so on. Other sizes are available upon request.

Packing: carton + tray.

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