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Affect The Wrap Tape Holding Sticky What Are The Factors
Nov 03, 2017

We often use the Wrap Tape, if the Wrap Tape shelved for a long time damp, and then it will not be so sticky, so long-term maintenance of the adhesive Wrap Tape, adhesive Wrap Tape need to know the factors that affect the stick? And then we have to exclude, Let the adhesive Wrap Tape more lasting.

Affect the Wrap Tape holding sticky factor one

Electronegativity of adherends and adhesives: Electronegativity is the electrostatic force between two oppositely charged substances. Generally speaking of acidic substances punctuality, alkaline is generally expressed as a negative point, according to the principle of positive and negative attraction, the greater the electronegativity between the adherend and the adhesive, the more sticky.

Affect the Wrap Tape holding sticky two factors

Acid-base difference between the adherend and the adhesive: The degree of acid-base difference refers to the difference between the two PH PH values. The greater the difference, the better the bond.

Affect the Wrap Tape sticky three factors

High temperature: the general long-term high temperature Wrap Tape items, will gradually reduce the viscosity over time, but also a sticky Wrap Tape adhesive factors.

Affect the Wrap Tape sticky four factors

Low temperature and cryogenic: the Wrap Tape reaches -253 ℃ at low temperatures, its adhesion will be reduced, but also a sticky adhesive Wrap Tape factors.

Affect the Wrap Tape holding sticky five factors

Moisture and Immersion: Moisture affects the bond strength in two ways. Wrap Tape in the hot and humid environment due to hydrolysis and loss of strength and hardness, even when severe liquefaction. And the water will penetrate into the glue layer to replace the glue at the adhesive interface, so the adhesive strength reduction under wet conditions is the most common factor that affects the stickiness of the adhesive Wrap Tape.

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